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 نوشته شده در تاريخ : 1394/02/21   ( آخرين ويرايش : 1394/02/21 )

Title: Health information system implementation: A qualitative meta-analysis

Author: Rahimi, B.ab ,  Vimarlund, V.a,  Timpka, T.ac


Healthcare information systems (HISs) are often implemented to enhance the quality of care and the degree to which it is patient-centered, as well as to improve the efficiency and safety of services. However, the outcomes of HIS implementations have not met expectations. We set out to organize the knowledge gained in qualitative studies performed in association with HIS implementations and to use this knowledge to outline an updated structure for implementation planning. A multi-disciplinary team performed the analyses in order to cover as many aspects of the primary studies as possible. We found that merely implementing an HIS will not automatically increase organizational efficiency. Strategic, tactical, and operational actions have to be taken into consideration, including management involvement, integration in healthcare workflow, establishing compatibility between software and hardware and, most importantly, user involvement, education and training. The results should be interpreted as a high-order scheme, and not a predictive theory. © 2008 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.

Author keywords: Health information system; Implementation; Meta-analysis; Qualitative methods


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